HELLO AND WELCOME VISIONARY. My mission is to empower you with the essentials needed to move from outrageous wishes to strategic planning and execution that yields game changing results!

Kingdom Essentials

Seminars designed to encourage and equip leaders to grow in their knowledge of Christ and to advance the Gospel message in the marketplace and personal spheres of influence. Topics are both spiritual and practical.

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Vision Essentials

Identify – Research – Pray – Plan – Implement – Review. Map out a clear strategy that effectively moves your ministry, business, or initiative from dream to reality, and then onto the complete realization of it’s full potential!

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Etiquette Essentials

Contemporary, fun, and interactive workshops or private coaching that empowers children and adults to succeed in life through etiquette, character development, and life skills to confidently navigate various social, dining, or business settings.

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Support Us

Find full sermons, books, gifts, and more! Proceeds from your purchase helps to fund our ministry which offers high-value low-cost strategic and administrative support to Kingdom Visionaries, along with transformative biblical training to transition God's people into their unique purpose.

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  • I was one of the first to be on Geralda’s client list. Her undertanding of vision focused strategy is so inspiring. She provides you with clear goals to work for God.

    Owen Johnson , Client; Goal for the kingdom
  • She knows her work and her purpose. It is so refreshing to meet and work with a woman that understands kingdom strategies and can help others be clear about it.


Visionary network

I don’t rely on sales calls or luck, my work comes from God through word-of-mouth.

I am humbled by those that trust me to bring their visions to reality.

Allow me to bring your vision to life!

Visionary Strategist