Surrender The Vision to God—-Part One

When I think about surrendering or submitting to any authority, I think about my weaknesses. Oh how I hate feeling weak!  God knows that about me and I know some of you all can relate. I worked so hard to be the best in school, to get a good job, to marry by a certain age, to please people, and be popular, but I was never satisfied, strong, or victorious.   But I praise God for renewing my mind from the world’s standard of what constitutes real strength.  God’s standard of real strength is strictly based on a person’s total dependence on Him. God has to take all of us through a process that forces us to face and embrace our weaknesses in order for us to get to a place of complete and total dependence on Him.

Why?  Because when God calls us to do something for Him, instead of looking for strong, smart, independent people, He seeks those who understand their weaknesses but have enough faith to embrace them and rely on His strength and wisdom to make the vision come to pass.  It takes faith to surrender the vision to God. You must have faith that He’s going to take care of you, to work on your behalf and lead you in the right direction.  It’s a faith rooted in love – His love for you and your love for Him.

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