“Good manners will open doors the best education cannot.”

We are committed to excellence in teaching, inspiring, and empowering children and young adults to succeed in life through character development, leadership skills, and etiquette training.

Our mission is to inspire and empower all young people to confidently realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Children need to learn proper manners and social skills now more than ever.It removes the anxiety of offending others and enables them to partake in social situations with ease.

Etiquette teaches the importance of expanding one’s world view to consider the needs of others. Treating others with dignity and respect creates a society that is civil and thoughtful.

Our programs are designed for Children, Teen and Young adults. Available for boys and girls ages 7-12,Designed for boys and girls ages 13 – 17 and College students

Young people with polished, well-developed social skills, will stand out in the crowd and have an advantage on their peers. Knowing the proper social graces also allows children to feel confident and poised.


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Children's Etiquette

Ages 7-12

Available for boys and girls ages 7-12, our confidence-building program teaches children the principles of manners and sets the foundation of good communication and social skills. These workshops are fun and interactive, providing an opportunity for your children to learn and practice leadership skills while teaching courtesy, respect and hands-on social and dining skills.

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Teen Etiquette

Ages 13-17

Designed for boys and girls ages 13 – 17, our programs give your teen the confidence and opportunity to succeed in the classroom, at home, on the job, with peers and in life! Our program challenges and empowers students by providing them with the confidence, motivation, and enthusiasm necessary to impact their own lives and the lives of those around them.
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Etiquette For Young Adults

Young Adults

In our global economy, technical skills and a degree just aren’t enough. To be recognized and afforded opportunities, college students and those beginning to compete in the business arena must combine a solid education with other skills, especially basic business etiquette and dining skills. We offers webinars, workshops, and full-day seminars designed to enhance your professional image
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College PLUS

college and above

Get the tools needed to quickly gain meaningful and purposeful employment through individualized career consulting, personal assessment, job search strategies, professional resume writing, and interview techniques. We offer webinars, workshops and seminars designed to enhance your professional presence by giving you the confidence needed to handle any situation.

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