Kingdom Visionary Strategic Society

The Kingdom Visionary Strategic Society is a professional development program for men and women with a spiritual mandate to impact the world. Members include business owners, marketplace leaders, managers and executives, non-profit and civic leaders, ministers, and workplace professionals.

The Strategic Society offers high quality programming throughout the year for spiritual, professional, leadership, and personal development. It offers networking opportunities, mentoring, strategic planning, and administrative support needed to successfully manage your vision in today’s competitive marketplace.

Member Benefits

Beyond the Boardroom

  • Quarterly networking events provide you with opportunities to create ongoing and sustainable relationships. Members become genuine advocates for each other and this leads to targeted, valuable referrals. Outstanding keynote speakers impart transformative wisdom at every networking event. Light refreshments are always served.

Vision Prayer Call

  • Discover the value of inviting the presence and power of God to work in and through you as His Kingdom Visionary. Monthly intercessory prayer calls are held on the first workday of the month from 5:30am – 6:00am, est.

The Boardroom

  • The monthly Boardroom is a small group that will help you find creative solutions to running your business/ministry, brainstorm strategic actions, and become your greatest cheering section! The Boardroom cultivates unity, creativity, encouragement, and accountability to accomplish the assignment God has for your life.  “The LORD said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.” Genesis 11:6.

Business Coaching

  • Members receive monthly one-hour, 1-on-1 business coaching with their very own Certified Vision Strategist. Sessions are held in-person, over the phone, or virtually and are intended to keep you on track with your goals, discuss strategies, pray, and get ongoing advice to push your vision forward.

Legacy – Vision Incubator

  • Members enjoy access to Legacy – Vision Incubator, an exclusive co-working hub for members, offering collaborative workspaces, private office, meeting/event space, and conference rooms.  Members are able to host lectures, seminars, worship services, conferences, and other faith-building events, which may be open to the public as appropriate. Currently in Fort-Lauderdale.

Platform-Makers Network

  • The Strategic Society offers member discounts on a wide range of professional services to help construct your God-given platform for marketplace dominance. Services include: graphic design, photography, media productions, social media, branding, fashion, legal assistance, logistical support, event planning, and more!

Recognition and Advertising

  • You get special recognition at all networking events, logo and company information on LegacyGlobal.TV, publications, and productions. This offers more ways to market and showcase your business.

Education & Resources

  • The Strategic Society offers member discounts on all Geralda Larkins Consulting resources, seminars, CDs, books, etc. Members receive free VIP access to business seminars held throughout the year.

Leadership Development

  • The best way to develop your leadership skills and build value-added relationships is to get involved.  There are several ways to increase your leadership capacity, including, becoming a Certified Vision Strategist, leading a monthly Vision Prayer, facilitating a Boardroom small group, writing a blog, or serving as speaker at events.

Kingdom Essentials

  • Seminars designed to encourage and equip leaders to grow in their knowledge of Christ and to advance the Gospel message in the marketplace and personal spheres of influence. Topics are both spiritual and practical, with plenty of opportunities for meaningful interaction.