Train Transform Transition – A Strategic Approach to the Life You Deserve by Author, Pastor, and Visionary Strategist, Geralda Larkins. This book shows you how training in the things of God, leads to transformation into who God calls you to be, and then empowers you to transition into the life you were predestined to live, realizing your dreams and achieving success!

Manifest the Life You Deserve!


Train: to learn a particular skill or type of behavior through practice and teaching over a period of time.


Transform : to make a thorough or dramatic change in form, appearance, or character.


Transition : to go, move, or pass from one position, state, stage, to another.

Train. Transform. Transition. Learn. Change. Go. Too many people live their whole lives wandering aimlessly, searching for fulfillment, asking themselves, “Am I living out my purpose?” They feel hopeless and disconnected from God and the plan He has for them. They have a deep desire for forward progress, but don’t seem to know where to start or are too afraid to take a step in a new direction. Whether shackled by bad relationships, financial hardships, illness, past failures, or job dissatisfaction, the abundant life Christ promises is not a reality for many, but rather an elusive dream.

This book will help you to understand that God’s vision for your life cannot manifest through wishful thinking. God’s vision for your life can only manifest through strategic faith and consistent action. You need a STRATEGY. God has a strategy; a big plan of action that’ll lead us to the life we deserve. His strategy involves our actions. It’s His work and His strategy, but in His unbelievable grace He puts it into effect through us. What are the actions God gives us to do as part of His strategy? We are to train, transform, transition. We are to learn, change, and go!

What are we to learn? Who are we changing into? Where are we going? These are very real questions the Holy Spirit will begin to answer for you as you prayerfully read through this book. You’ll discover that as you train in the things of God, you will transform into who He calls you to be, which then empowers you to transition into the life you were predestined to enjoy. The life you deserve. It’s the abundant life Christ died for you to possess, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

As a Visionary Strategist, my goal is to help cultivate the vision God places in the hearts of His people and develop a strategy to attain it. Like I said before, God’s strategic plan is already given to us in His word, but we must to do our part – we must train, transform, transition. Train Transform Transition is a strategic approach to your destiny. You’ll receive revelation into timeless spiritual disciplines that when implemented strategically, will ultimately grow your faith, build your relationship with God, and give you the confidence needed to achieve abundant life. I explain the train, transform, transition process in more detail in the pages of this book, then help you develop a strategic plan that works for you.

Just as business success depends on effective strategic planning and execution, God, through His Word, gives us strategies to lead us to the abundant life we deserve. God’s well thought out strategies reveal His character and His relentless determination to return us back to our rightful place as sons, royalty, a kingdom of priests who rule, dominate, regulate and legislate on earth as it is in heaven. This book is for Kingdom Visionaries, unapologetic followers of Jesus Christ who have a strong desire to walk in their purpose and who are ready to meet their spiritual goals to achieve supernatural success.

So order your copy of Train Transform Transition: A Strategic Approach to the Life You Deserve and embark on a strategic planning meeting for your life!


“This book reactivated the purpose God predestined for my life.”

Denise Simmons

CEO, MD Simmons Productions, LLC

“It is evident that Geralda Larkins is passionate about providing strategic tools to her readers, so they can live successful lives.”

Samantha Williams

“Great guide for those on a spiritual journey. Geralda Larkins is following her God given call to raise up the saints of God. Her charge illustrated in this book is a revelation to those led by the spirit to her ministry. I found this book as I asked God to take me higher and reveal how I could serve him. Although I am still being developed (God has instructed me to “be still”) this book was what I needed and confirmation that I am on the right path. A must read for those led by the spirit seeking to serve God and his body of believers.”

L. Gardner

“This book is amazing! I recommend everyone to read this book. Be ready to transition yourselves to where God’s wants you to be. We all have a purpose to be on this earth and we should follow God’s plan and this book will help you in every way.”

B. Sconiers

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