The Fuel for Faith

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#HelloVisionary 👉🏿 Don’t sit around and wait for advantageous moments; instead be a trailblazer and create a movement on your own! This is the life of a Kingdom Visionary! We build what we see, invest in our dreams, and use vision as a catalyst to propel us forward! Vision is the fuel for our faith. When we want to quit or give up because what we’ve seen, dreamed, or preached hasn’t happened or seems delayed, and we become frustrated – but we never lose FOCUS! Our vision is a catalyst to propel us forward!👉🏿

And when we finally see the fruit of our labor, we ride the wave of the WIN! Sometimes, we’re already envisioning the next before we even finish what we initially set out to do. 🤷🏽‍♀️ We keep envisioning our dreams in an ever-expanding, ever-increasing, forward-moving way. As we take steps, God releases more clarity, and we add to the dream! Kingdom Visionaries are builders of dreams! 🙌 If you can envision yourself and your future, then everything you’re doing right NOW is really an investment in making your dreams a reality!

Make an investment in YOU today! Join me and other Kingdom Visionaries from around the world at the Train Transform Transition™ Empowerment Weekend to help you build an extraordinary life and legacy!

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