The Courage Zone

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When I first joined the Church, I was so excited I was there every time the doors were open! I served, I sat, I supped, I sang, I sowed, and I strategized. One day while I was at my desk typing up the Sunday program, God gave me a vision of a girls ministry. Right then and there, I typed out a strategic plan for Girls Encouragement Ministry (GEM) with a mission, vision, priorities, goals and sent it to the pastor of our church. I had no idea how to do anything involving a youth ministry, but I did know enough to rely on God’s power and not my own.

As I learned more and more about the needs of the girls in our community, I grew excited because I began to see how our church could make a difference. We met with the girls faithfully for months until one day God showed me a vision of an auditorium full of girls lifting up the name of Jesus! Then, I began to see how not only our church, but the people in our community could partner with us and make a difference too. As I reached out to them, businesses offered facilities, supplies, food and even funding. People from our church and the community came together in unity and were moved to help. And for five consecutive years, we hosted the largest all-girls conference in South Florida reaching hundreds of girls with the love of Christ! What started with one person grew into numerous people working together toward a common vision.

You see running our race is never about what we can accomplish for God. If He wanted to, God could accomplish everything on His own without us. Instead, He calls us to get in the race by stepping out of our comfort zone and into the courage zone where miracles happen and the Kingdom can touch earth and reign on the hearts of His people! The courage zone is the transformation zone where Christ’s unstoppable power expands in you from glory to glory!

God wants to build our faith and our knowledge of Him through our personal experiences in Him. He wants to train us by His power, transform us by His might, and transition us into the glorious life and legacy we deserve! Ready to run? Join my Train Transform Transition Life Group.

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